Hello world!

Well I am going to stick with the default hello world title.. because after installing many blogs for academic purposes I have decided to start writing and continue to write about 2011.

I didn’t take this photo but it is really cool and wish I had thought of this myself and yes I “borrowed” it from Facebook. But sometimes you never know if they actually took the photo or it is also “borrowed”.

Anyways this is an apt picture for me as in 2011 I move back to the coast and will be less than 1 km from the beach. 2011 is one of those years for me.. it is a head down .. bum up and get the job done. With some hard work and determination I think it can be one of those milestone years for all the right reasons.

Now I know it is the 30th Dec but today that all important phone call arrived … you have a job! So the relocation has all been brought forward a week and no lazing around unpacking and getting settled.

Today I bought my 2011 diary… one of these years I will use a diary for the whole year.. maybe 2011 is that year?

So here is to me blogging how 2011 goes for me… I have bought a lotto ticket for tonight and Saturday night..and moving date to temporary accomodation has been set for Jan 3, 2011, first day of work Jan 4, 2011, the beach house move has been pushed back to Jan 8, 2011 finally the essay due Jan 10, 2011.

Time management is going to be key in 2011 along with a work / life balance and maybe even some R&R for “just me”… a nice dream for 2011.


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