Saturday nights in…

Can a Saturday night spent in be fun? The short answer, NO! After a day of cleaning and getting organised spending the night in seems more like a punishment than a reward. My boredom was so high that I decided to make some garlic bread for the freezer. So now I have garlic bread in the freezer, my washing done, the house clean and still nothing to do.

When I am hiding out in the country these bouts of boredom don’t seem to happen as much. Maybe it is because the country is my real home. Transition housing is really painful, it reminds me of boarding school, when you went where is “x” and you know that it is at home, because you either a) forgot to bring it b) it was too big c) you didn’t think to pack it. At the moment there isn’t that much of my stuff here with me, which was evident with the ease in which I moved.

Gone are the boarding school days when you had a ute and a crate at your disposal and continued to pack until it was evident that there was too much stuff … again. When I travel my suitcase is overflowing, for my 21st Birthday I went to Bali leaving with 17kg of luggage and returning home with 37kg of stuff! Over the years I am getting better but still overpacking is a curse.

Another curse that I have recently discovered is the ability to store a collection of crap in ones car. Firstly, it should be noted that after watching an episode of Oprah seeing what people can store in their cars, my curse is no where near those monumental piles of crap. But still, there were clothes that I never unpacked that stayed there for 2 weeks. Nearly there was an unnecessary purchase of clothing that was just hanging out in the car. At least I wasn’t as bad as the people on Oprah who had to re-purchase presents that were “lost” in the car.

At least there is only 40 minutes left of this enthralling Saturday night in. Tomorrow is a new day starting with an Aqua Class at 9am, but at least this is the easiest class … Aqua Balance … it is all about the Zen and being in the water moving gently… and knowing my luck it will be in the heated pool so by the time it finishes I will be heading off to swim a few laps to cool down.


The beginning of another weekend

It is weird but every weekend my body clock allows me less than an hour sleep in, whilst my flatmate can somehow get a three hour sleep in. That is what I find so unfair especially as the art of sleeping in used to be my forte. Since when did the universe decide that sleeping in was not going to be in my future.. bah! Of course when it is planned to be awake within a hour of normal waking up time (630am for those who are interested) I would never make it without an alarm.

This weekend due to exhaustion it was decided that the trek back to the farm wouldn’t happen. Based on my husbands post on my Facebook page it seems he wasn’t overly happy with this decision. It is difficult living such a distance away from each other, but right now my sanity is most important along with staying rested, especially if sleep debt cannot be caught up on the weekend. Next week I will head back to the farm, it is easier when they give you “hump day” also known as Wednesday off for a public holiday. It will be bliss only 4 working days, but the bank balance won’t be too happy.

But really, when is the bank balance ever happy? The Suze Orman show is one of my favourites that I used to watch via Foxtel (but we have disconneted it due to high costs) but now I download her podcasts, which are full versions of her show, because it is effectively free!. She really hammers home that we should all have an 8 month emergency fund. This seems so unachievable to have enough money put aside so the bills can be paid for 8 months if there was a lack of income. It is a goal but not one that I can see happening in 2011 but I will be watching the pennies even more closely this year.

So enough about money, I have completed my morning ritual of waking up, reading the paper and having breakfast and now it is time to get motivated for the day. Really need to do some washing but the flat mates washing is still on the line and at 10am it doesn’t look like he is going to be rising anytime soon. Guess I will start cleaning up a bit around the house and getting the washing started, you never know he might just wake up when the vacuum cleaner gets started up.

PS:  Sunday is a 9am Aqua Balance class, and hopefully a trip to the beach! My husband really needs the beach it was 40 degrees Celsius at 6am this morning and only getting hotter, lets hope he stays cool in the pool and air conditioning watching movies it is too hot for anything else.

PPS: That essay that I wrote whilst relocating and moving scraped in at 57% which is fine, I am just glad to have passed.

PPPS: Yes I know I am not writing a letter 🙂



Exercising in a bathing suit

Well whilst in Australia we would just refer to a bathing suit as bathers it is still one of my favourite ways to exercise. Don’t tell me that getting all hot and sweaty running, with your feet jarring on the ground is a fun way to exercise. Splashing around in water now that is a more civilize and fun way to exercise, no sweat issue.

Of course being my first lesson I had to to go and front the teacher, and lets just say, it shows especially when standing there in a bathing suit that … I don’t exercise, this is my first class. It was refreshing to be asked if I can swim but then not sure how to take that I don’t need to wear a float belt like the rest of the people in the class, is it because they won’t fit me or is it because I come with my own bouyancy.

For the record I survived, and whilst we are going with for the records the enjoyment I had smoking a rolled cigarette (because I have given up smoking tailors or packet cigarettes) as I returned to my car. Back to the class … it was fine at least I didn’t get all hot and sweaty but my swimming skills paid off. The teacher did comment that it was apparent that I could swim based on the fact that every possible cheat to make an exercise easier I worked out 🙂

There are three classes a week and it is the second cheapest one but the 3rd class is at 6am in the morning. Really you have to be hard core to get to that class, it is written in the pretty blue diary but there is no guarantee that I will actually make it in time considering the early hour.

Speaking of the hour the time for sleep has arrived … after all that jumping around in the pool I think I deserve it.

The weekend is over :(

Why are Monday’s such a struggle? Monday’s and I don’t get along, it is always such an effort to drag yourself into a new week. I am sure there are those people who love going to work but really can anyone enjoy their job that much? I miss the days when I had flexibility to work when I wanted to work and be able to do some “fun” stuff during the week. Like bottling up 6 cartons of beer … I complain whilst doing it but I actually quite enjoy it.

I have also lost my car for the next few days and already I miss my black van. It is nice to just jump into your car and go somewhere. Also finding it harder as my husband is down. Before anyone starts screaming I am enjoying having him down but I am such a bore. Between work, study and general household stuff I am not really around much. But it is really lovely of him to come down and drive me to and from work, otherwise instead of about 40 mins a day travelling it will be more like 90+ mins on public transport.

The lack of easy transport (because I don’t have a manual licence and the vehicle down here is) my exercise isn’t going to well. On Sunday morning I nearly made it to a class but I was foiled by sheer exhaustion from moving. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Hopefully towards the end of this week and into next I can get into the swing of going to do some exercise.

At least some consolation is that I have been making healthy lunches and trying to be a bit more responsible. Speaking of responsible, there is one cigarette left in my packet and only one can of real coke since I gave up. Not a perfect record but at least I am giving it a go and not punishing myself when I get it wrong.

But one thing I am doing is getting myself to bed nice and early every night … hopefully the extra rest is helping with those brain cells and motivation.

The peace and tranquility of Saturday

It is weird but for me I like a peaceful Saturday morning … whilst Sunday is “the day of rest” for me Saturday mornings are just important. After a long week at work I like to sit quietly on a Saturday and just potter around the house. Today is my first real Saturday just pottering and it feels bliss.

My flat mate is still asleep and I have been floating around for the last hour and a half. Spoke to my husband who arrives in the city for about 3 days tomorrow. (Note to self: buy beer). Went and bought the paper and started the dishwasher. The rest of the morning will be spent just pottering and might even throw on a load of washing or two to get the sheets done.

This afternoon will be a bit more eventful with a trip to the stores to buy some makeup for work. The not wearing of makeup (which I am a fan of) is not looked on particularly fondly in a corporate work environment, the cult I have rejoined after many years. But if the ATO will not allow makeup as a tax deduction .. how rude … it is generally only purchased for work and the very occasional night out.

Whilst I am in the city it will be good for myself and my husband to go out more and socialise. This weekend he wanted me to play in a lawn bowls twilight event, it is actually good fun and last year I think we won or nearly won it. But I just wanted one more weekend to get organised and not have to face the 240km trip each way. It is hard because it is just so far and Saturdays are so enjoyable and I really don’t think I could do it on a Friday night after working all week. So hopefully over the next year I can put together some nice going out ideas that don’t cost the earth because the budget is stretched really tight now.

Friday night disco

Well tonight after a long week at work I spent the evening in my very own disco. Before disco time I started watching from the beginning (thanks Channel 11) the new version of 90210. This was a blast back to my days in boarding school where I would tape the then 90210 during holidays as most boarders didn’t get “normal tv”. The number of VHS tapes that were lost in the boarding house and so worn out too from taping after taping. Oh the joys of being a teenager.

Today I had a bit of a teenager moment, when it was pointed out to me that our normally quiet street was gridlock.. arrrgghhh. I had been up for the last 35 mins and hadn’t bothered to look out the front of our house, shows how observant I am in the mornings. There was an accident at the main intersection North of us so all traffic was diverted down our street. I walked down there and just looked and all I could see was cars. But getting out of our driveway was fine as they just let me out which was nice.

But enough about bad traffic… back to TV … living out in the country we don’t really get any of the new digital channels, so we spend a fortune on Foxtel. It looks like we are going to have to cancel it as we don’t really use it and that $25 per week will really come in handy. Plus there is no point having it if you aren’t watching it.

But I digress… watching 90210 and then playing music dancing around the house.. specifically on the octagonal rug that is a designated dance floor. Unfortunately recently it has become mobile and being moved but soon it will be fixed in one location. It cost my flat mate and I barely anything and we had so much fun

It was our very own DJ mix, the drinks were cheap and the company was enjoyable. I am sure over the next twelve months there will be a few nights of dancing around the house. Plus hanging out on our front lawn. These days people don’t really sit out the front of their houses and enjoy. Our front yard doesn’t have a fence but it a sloping block and you can’t see the neighbours, many a summer and spring night will be spent out the front having a picnic dinner.

The time has come to dream about summer picnics outside on the front lawn … falling asleep to the Gilmore Girls playing in the background… bliss

Where is that water going?

Right now I am sitting at my computer about to find out where the reticulation has gone …. be back in a minute.  Ok whilst you would have no idea how long that minute was but it was about half an hour. Blogs are nice like that … they can at times … handle interuptions. Unfortunately no reticulation out the back and the front needs a little work, but something is better than nothing.

The thought of gardening as an activity to spend my weekend seems ironic… but it is healthy, inexpensive and good exercise. After chasing around the reticulation tonight we will have to do a bit of work to get the place looking beautiful. Originally we were going to get a lawn mower guy in but to make it look really nice we need to mow more often that can be afforded. Might have to have a look at the farm, I think there is one that my parents gave us that we aren’t using. Will have to investigate last time I go back.

Speaking of the farm it is weird … last year I lived by myself in another small (but a good deal larger town down the road) town and my husband never stayed over because there was no need. Now that I am living with a friend in the city there is a really nice city place to go to. It will be nice to have our own space in the city. The only downside is it is really quite a considerable drive and unless I go back to the farm I won’t see my cat, a blue russian called Madame.

Madame is a rescue cat and for some strange reason I can never remember the year she was born in. If I was at the farm I would look on her insurance papers but alas again … wrong house . Those wrong house moments are going to be a feature this year. I do endeavour to reduce their frequency but when you live in multiple dwellings, it happens more often than not. Must get into the habit of scanning and filing receipts and paperwork. Already most of my assignments are written in the “digital cloud”, but so far I haven’t worked out how to use it on my current mobile, due to software not being compatible. Oh well.. one day.

Well it has again just dawned on me that I have no more cigarettes .. no more coke .. and it is time for bed. Might have to go and smoke just one more but this time a hand rolled one, because one can’t hurt right?

Farewell my dear friends..

After being reunited with my belongings I am now bidding farewell to two dear friends.. namely B&H Subtle and Coca-Cola.  Now not one to promote smoking but … I really am going to miss you. For those that are wondering.. I also don’t drink and as we all know Coca-Cola really isn’t that great for you.

So I have done the final purchase and here it is…..

Farewell my dear friends....

So I have done the final purchase and here it is…..and as I type this there are 23 cigarettes to go.

Do I have a reason for taking away these two unhealthy things… yes…of course we should strive to be healthier but in all reality besides “better health” and “reduced risks” there has to be something in it for me. In the future I plan to commence IVF.. (stop don’t run away this is not an IVF blog … well not yet). After being married for nearly 7 years it is time to take the plunge.

To help with success, because it is really expensive, I am focusing on a loosing weight and getting healthier as every little bit helps. Ideally it will be no sugar, gluten free, caffeine free but that is unrealistic so I am going to strive for it but one thing that makes sense is no smoking, no excess sugar and no caffeine. It is quite unfair that in my current position they have the best coffee machine.. caffeine is going to be a tough one.

Guess we can add this to the new years resolution .. which I knew was coming so to announce a new years resolution 10 days in … I will have a healthier lifestyle. Simple to the point and doesn’t leave me room to get caught out not following through!

So wish me luck because next step in the journey is to find some form of exercise that I “enjoy”. My star signs told me to not start seriously until 17 January and I am making baby steps towards that direction .. and using this time to just savour those last few moments with my guilty pleasures.

PS: That essay … I got it finished, nothing spectacular but P’s mean degrees … it was submitted a good 9.5 hours early.

We have been reunited.

Well my belongings … well the main stuff … and I have been reunited in our beach house, which I will be now calling home for the next 12 months. My home will always be the farm because that is where my husband is and is the only stable residence I have known for about 4 years? But for me on my 2011 journey the beach house will be home.

My husband brought down my belongings and the most important thing … a bed! After 5 nights attempted sleep on an air mattress I will have my bed again. It isn’t the bed ever bed slept in but it certainly delivers a good night sleep. Moving is such a stressful thing, especially when you are moving away from your partner.. he has been so good and helpful, not only moving me but helping out with my flat mate.

Another reunited that has happened today is with my friends cat. I have lived with his cat over the years and she has even lived with me when he was unable to have her where he had moved to. She is now 17 and is one of the reasons that I also own a Russian Blue. The cat I am coexisting with me is called Belief. I am sure that she has a “full name” but can’t tell you what it is 😦

My essay … because it is due in only a few days is sitting at a few hundred words. Tomorrow there is a brunch for my grandmother, so it is going to be one of those last minute essays. In my defense, in planning there was plenty of time.. in reality … it didn’t exist. Along with the essay being completed there hasn’t been a trip to the beach. It is only 1km away and since moving in, even if it was yesterday after work, still haven’t gone to dip a toe in.

Hello … beach house

Well I am officially into my new house. Standing here all alone (yes standing as no chairs or table as yet) I wish I could just afford to rent the whole house myself. For the first time in nearly 7 years I will share a house with someone who isn’t my husband and the last year I lived primarily alone for work reasons.

Also right now I am missing my bed. It will have been 5 nights that I slept on an air mattress and also worked 4 days. It really isn’t nice not having “my” things around me and being comfortable.  On the plus side my room has the most amazing wardrobe… I went to BigW and did a spot of shopping for some things for it.

Half way through I have walked out to sit on my front lawn and watch the traffic at the lights. I can’t remember the last time that I just sat and chilled out for 5 mins watching the world go by. During 2011 I must remember to take some time out to just chill even if for 5 minutes.

So instead of writing my essay I am organising my new wardrobe. Standing up right now is hurting my feet which isn’t surprising considering I have no where to sit down except for the floor. The rest of my furniture (including my bed) arrive tomorrow. My world consists of a laptop and internet (yes, I like to get my priorities right), an air mattress, clothes and the car.

Better get back to organising my wardrobe… because if I am not going to write the essay that is due on Monday at 9am I might as well do something constructive.

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