Its hot … it rains … my motivation …

The weather is just awful right now, I know that over the last few years with air-conditioning but really how do we survive when the humidity gets above 90%? Today it has rained during the day and it felt worse… interesting it is raining now and without the sun it does feel a bit cooler, but still feel like my world resembles a sauna.

It was impossible to even put makeup on this morning which meant I drove to the car park.. got the car freezing cold and then applied makeup. By the time I got to work half of it had fallen off my face … and of course that look of makeup “shine”.

Don’t know why this bothers me as normally turning up to work without makeup on isn’t a problem but one must consider that at this stage in my city employment, one must keep up appearances. So makeup is here to stay, but in this weather I refuse to wear stockings.. corporate or no corporate that is pushing the friendship too far.

On a plus side for work.. I parked in the car park close to work rather than half a mile away. On the downside my shoes aren’t ready for at least another 2 weeks and today’s attempt at shoes just gave me a blister. My treat for all this working is one decent pair of work shoes. For anyone in WA I highly recommend Benelli Shoes.  In only a few short weeks my feet will have shoes custom made for my tootsies.

Well yet again it is late at night and I have achieved nothing study wise … looks like a weekend surrounded by boxes and a laptop are in order… shame really but right now with this heat and living on an air mattress (not recommended) I can’t be bothered.


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