Where is that water going?

Right now I am sitting at my computer about to find out where the reticulation has gone …. be back in a minute.  Ok whilst you would have no idea how long that minute was but it was about half an hour. Blogs are nice like that … they can at times … handle interuptions. Unfortunately no reticulation out the back and the front needs a little work, but something is better than nothing.

The thought of gardening as an activity to spend my weekend seems ironic… but it is healthy, inexpensive and good exercise. After chasing around the reticulation tonight we will have to do a bit of work to get the place looking beautiful. Originally we were going to get a lawn mower guy in but to make it look really nice we need to mow more often that can be afforded. Might have to have a look at the farm, I think there is one that my parents gave us that we aren’t using. Will have to investigate last time I go back.

Speaking of the farm it is weird … last year I lived by myself in another small (but a good deal larger town down the road) town and my husband never stayed over because there was no need. Now that I am living with a friend in the city there is a really nice city place to go to. It will be nice to have our own space in the city. The only downside is it is really quite a considerable drive and unless I go back to the farm I won’t see my cat, a blue russian called Madame.

Madame is a rescue cat and for some strange reason I can never remember the year she was born in. If I was at the farm I would look on her insurance papers but alas again … wrong house . Those wrong house moments are going to be a feature this year. I do endeavour to reduce their frequency but when you live in multiple dwellings, it happens more often than not. Must get into the habit of scanning and filing receipts and paperwork. Already most of my assignments are written in the “digital cloud”, but so far I haven’t worked out how to use it on my current mobile, due to software not being compatible. Oh well.. one day.

Well it has again just dawned on me that I have no more cigarettes .. no more coke .. and it is time for bed. Might have to go and smoke just one more but this time a hand rolled one, because one can’t hurt right?


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