Friday night disco

Well tonight after a long week at work I spent the evening in my very own disco. Before disco time I started watching from the beginning (thanks Channel 11) the new version of 90210. This was a blast back to my days in boarding school where I would tape the then 90210 during holidays as most boarders didn’t get “normal tv”. The number of VHS tapes that were lost in the boarding house and so worn out too from taping after taping. Oh the joys of being a teenager.

Today I had a bit of a teenager moment, when it was pointed out to me that our normally quiet street was gridlock.. arrrgghhh. I had been up for the last 35 mins and hadn’t bothered to look out the front of our house, shows how observant I am in the mornings. There was an accident at the main intersection North of us so all traffic was diverted down our street. I walked down there and just looked and all I could see was cars. But getting out of our driveway was fine as they just let me out which was nice.

But enough about bad traffic… back to TV … living out in the country we don’t really get any of the new digital channels, so we spend a fortune on Foxtel. It looks like we are going to have to cancel it as we don’t really use it and that $25 per week will really come in handy. Plus there is no point having it if you aren’t watching it.

But I digress… watching 90210 and then playing music dancing around the house.. specifically on the octagonal rug that is a designated dance floor. Unfortunately recently it has become mobile and being moved but soon it will be fixed in one location. It cost my flat mate and I barely anything and we had so much fun

It was our very own DJ mix, the drinks were cheap and the company was enjoyable. I am sure over the next twelve months there will be a few nights of dancing around the house. Plus hanging out on our front lawn. These days people don’t really sit out the front of their houses and enjoy. Our front yard doesn’t have a fence but it a sloping block and you can’t see the neighbours, many a summer and spring night will be spent out the front having a picnic dinner.

The time has come to dream about summer picnics outside on the front lawn … falling asleep to the Gilmore Girls playing in the background… bliss


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