Exercising in a bathing suit

Well whilst in Australia we would just refer to a bathing suit as bathers it is still one of my favourite ways to exercise. Don’t tell me that getting all hot and sweaty running, with your feet jarring on the ground is a fun way to exercise. Splashing around in water now that is a more civilize and fun way to exercise, no sweat issue.

Of course being my first lesson I had to to go and front the teacher, and lets just say, it shows especially when standing there in a bathing suit that … I don’t exercise, this is my first class. It was refreshing to be asked if I can swim but then not sure how to take that I don’t need to wear a float belt like the rest of the people in the class, is it because they won’t fit me or is it because I come with my own bouyancy.

For the record I survived, and whilst we are going with for the records the enjoyment I had smoking a rolled cigarette (because I have given up smoking tailors or packet cigarettes) as I returned to my car. Back to the class … it was fine at least I didn’t get all hot and sweaty but my swimming skills paid off. The teacher did comment that it was apparent that I could swim based on the fact that every possible cheat to make an exercise easier I worked out 🙂

There are three classes a week and it is the second cheapest one but the 3rd class is at 6am in the morning. Really you have to be hard core to get to that class, it is written in the pretty blue diary but there is no guarantee that I will actually make it in time considering the early hour.

Speaking of the hour the time for sleep has arrived … after all that jumping around in the pool I think I deserve it.


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