Catching up

It seems to be a theme in this modern life, you always seem to be chasing your tail and catching up at every turn. At what point do you put yourself first? Recently I was in that situation and decided that maybe for once … just once … would put myself first. The downside of this is that catching up is right back at the top of the agenda. The time when I just run from moment to moment, juggling everything and then get to the end of a week (or each day) and find that the list really isn’t any shorter, I am exhausted and there has been no time for myself.

This week my flatmate has had visitors staying with us. As a consequence we have lost our TV room which is always a great place for some much needed “me time”. In this day and age the need to sloth on the couch has become a staple of my R&R activities. Often it doesn’t matter what is on .. just that there is something on that is attempting to entertain me.

It may be a female thing but I have noticed that females, in particular married females, often don’t put themselves first. It seems that this, what could be considered a selfish act, is actually sometimes the only way to survive. At the moment my life is presenting new and interesting problems everyday. Each day I strive to solve them, sometimes in very long winded and abstract ways, and each day I find my personal “me” time taken away from me.

Take study for example, I am undertaking a degree, in a long winded approach to being in a career that can be used in the country on the farm. Of course, it would be simple to take a TAFE Diploma and work in Patient Care in a hospital for example, but that is just not me. Whilst the end result will be an education qualification but instead of taking an Accounting degree which would be practical and useful to the farm, I took a Bachelor of Arts with focus on technology, much more enjoyable.

But whilst the content of my study is enjoyable to me at times, like right now, I have a major assessment overdue, whilst life continues at 100 miles and hour around me, adding more to my to do list with each passing hour. So right now I will sign off and finish this final assessment, whilst working from my bed. Sometimes you need to think outside the box to gain some much needed comfort and me time. Now to find some more cushions so I am feel like I am floating on a fluffy white cloud  … whilst being mundane and finishing this assignment.



Customer v Telstra

Thought that whilst I am sitting here on hold thought I should take this opportunity to detail the adventures of yet another attempted telephone conversation with Telstra. It is ironic that Telstra who are the main providers of telecommunications are unable to run an effective call centre setup, with the customer in mind.

Over the years for numerous service issues the job of contacting Telstra has been left to me. Before everyone says change carriers well I would except in rural Australia they offer the best coverage. Today I rang to get the customer service guarantee applied as my landline wasn’t fixed within 2 business days.

So I rang and spent 45 minutes playing the game of asking, “I would like the customer service guarantee applied to my account please as it wasn’t repaired within 2 working days”. Being verified for my identity and then the operator putting me on hold. Operator comes back and says, ” I just need to transfer you and they will be able to help you.” Only to be speaking to someone who doesn’t have any of your information and you get to start again.

So the above scenario was repeated 6 times in 45 minutes, and then the call was transfered and eventually rang out. I did wait on the line and pressed 2 to indicate that my inquiry was not resolved. Then I was asked how satisfied with the call so I responded with Unsatisfied but then the call was terminated. Guess they didn’t want the bad feedback.

Feeling a bit gallant thought I would give it one more try… got another call centre and based on the formal language being used, they were overseas, he did the whole verify thing and put me on hold. This guy was a bit better he kept telling me he had done his research, hope he wasn’t looking at the street signs above his desk to try and research this irate woman from Down Under.

He tried to transfer me to the department he assured me could help me, this would be the CSG Processing team, but the transfer never worked, I was left listening to a ringing phone and then the old fashioned engaged tone. The second call took just over 18 minutes and still no result. Oh well I really shouldn’t be surprised, I am dealing with Telstra. Maybe tomorrow I will have success.

Take me back

“Take me back” is the slogan on the shirt that I am wearing tomorrow to the Big Day Out. This is about my 10th or 11th Big Day Out. This year is extra special as it is a gift and I am going with my surrogate niece and nephew and their dad. It will be a blast and getting right back into the spirit of festivals getting a sort of costume together. Anyhoo, it is a little bit inappropriate for someone in their 30’s but bugger it.. I am celebrating … its my birthday party.

Still at least I am resourceful, and can add 50cm of fabric into another outfit and it has been transformed 🙂 It was rough and ready sewing but it will do the trick. The final touch before sleep is the attaching of false skull and cross bone nails.. I am going all out!

Time to get sticking and then some sleep, it is my niece and nephews first time … they want to be there when gates open… it’s 12 hours of festival from start to finish, and I need time to do my hair… Big Day Out style.

Celebration time….

Well firstly I must note that I have been a naughty blogger but now I am back again trying hard to make amends. Today was cause for celebration as it was the 12th anniversary of my 21st birthday party. Since I was 18 I attended a festival called the Big Day Out, the concert always falls around, and sometimes on my birthday, except when I was 21. There was a hiatus and thus my usual celebrating my birthday at the Big Day Out or BDO didn’t happen.

But on my 12th anniversary again I will be celebrating in style this weekend at the BDO. I have missed the last 3 BDO’s as I felt it wasn’t as fun anymore but this year.. watch out I am celebrating like I am 18 again … except this time I will be the responsible driver. But that’s ok, my hair is going to change to a purple colour, false eyelashes, fake skull nail, and my trusty Doc Marten boots. They have seen quite a few BDO’s, they didn’t make the first one I attended, but since then they have been my faithful boots at this event.

Trying to work out exactly how many years I have been to the BDO is getting tricky, I haven’t missed many since 1996 so at best guess 2011 will be my 11th BDO, but to be honest there are a few years when I think… did I see that band. There are too many favourites to list but a few highlights were Rage against the Machine (the fence went down between licenced and non-licenced), Hole, Porno for Pyros, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and for completely unrelated reasons Kamahl.

Anyways enough about my “party” today… there was some beaching involved due to a shorter day at work. Then there was also a shopping trip with a surrogate niece for her first BDO outfit. But to prove I was at the beach… here it is..

Time for bed, I am going to be sooo exhausted at work tomorrow, and I have a big weekend ahead, with Friday night dinners (just like the Gilmore Girls) but these are much more enjoyable 🙂 Then catching up with a friend, BDO outfit / styling adjustments, and then the BDO, before work on Monday. ARrrrrrggghhh.

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