Celebration time….

Well firstly I must note that I have been a naughty blogger but now I am back again trying hard to make amends. Today was cause for celebration as it was the 12th anniversary of my 21st birthday party. Since I was 18 I attended a festival called the Big Day Out, the concert always falls around, and sometimes on my birthday, except when I was 21. There was a hiatus and thus my usual celebrating my birthday at the Big Day Out or BDO didn’t happen.

But on my 12th anniversary again I will be celebrating in style this weekend at the BDO. I have missed the last 3 BDO’s as I felt it wasn’t as fun anymore but this year.. watch out I am celebrating like I am 18 again … except this time I will be the responsible driver. But that’s ok, my hair is going to change to a purple colour, false eyelashes, fake skull nail, and my trusty Doc Marten boots. They have seen quite a few BDO’s, they didn’t make the first one I attended, but since then they have been my faithful boots at this event.

Trying to work out exactly how many years I have been to the BDO is getting tricky, I haven’t missed many since 1996 so at best guess 2011 will be my 11th BDO, but to be honest there are a few years when I think… did I see that band. There are too many favourites to list but a few highlights were Rage against the Machine (the fence went down between licenced and non-licenced), Hole, Porno for Pyros, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and for completely unrelated reasons Kamahl.

Anyways enough about my “party” today… there was some beaching involved due to a shorter day at work. Then there was also a shopping trip with a surrogate niece for her first BDO outfit. But to prove I was at the beach… here it is..

Time for bed, I am going to be sooo exhausted at work tomorrow, and I have a big weekend ahead, with Friday night dinners (just like the Gilmore Girls) but these are much more enjoyable 🙂 Then catching up with a friend, BDO outfit / styling adjustments, and then the BDO, before work on Monday. ARrrrrrggghhh.


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