Danger, Will Robinson

There is something to be said for the words “Danger, Will Robinson!” which for those who have no idea what I am talking about it is from a 1960’s US sitcom called Lost in Space. Yes it is from the 60’s and no this isn’t a way to work out how old I am.

Recently a friend sent me an email warning me to not do something, and the reply was a simple, no I won’t because that means, “Danger, Will Robinson”. As it was all in the written word, the question is… did he get that the flippant remark I was making was said in all seriousness.

Due to my personality which is clearly documented, my need to venture into dangerous situations or push the limits of grey areas, currently coming to the fore. No I won’t do a Bear Grylls, on you but dangerous in the, risk personal safety, risk current life path in the search for some fun and relaxation.

But in this modern age with the written word being so heavily relied on for communication I would like to say that SMS and I are not friends. Before you would just call someone, if they answered great you spoke, if they didn’t you left a message if they had an answering machine, if they didn’t you hung up. There was no caller number display, no way for people to know you were trying to get hold of them.

But no we are in 2011 where text messaging is all the rage, I type a message, I press send… then I wait… and wait… and wait. Did you read it, did you forget to respond, did you not want to respond, did it get lost between my phone and yours. I have started to get annoyed with text messages, at least with email I could put a delivery and read receipt on it and have half a chance to know that you got it and the silence is because you didn’t want to respond.

Modern communication that should make things easier just made things a lot harder, and to be honest.. I don’t have the headspace right now to cope with games. So to those reading this, if you hand out your mobile number and get a SMS but want to not continue conversing with that person, do the polite thing… send a message saying, Thanks but No Thanks.  Seriously it isn’t that hard is it?


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