Hello September

Well after the year of ups and down I am going to welcome September and another big welcome to Spring. Just as the beautiful wildflowers have started to really show their beauty one must look forwards not backwards. Looking backwards is something we all do from time to time but I am more inclined to look back and wonder what if?

For me Spring will be about getting ready for Summer, one of my favourite times of year. Getting ready to hit the beach and enjoy that hot sand beneath my feet, the cold salty water on my face. Even if it means picnics by myself and a good book it will be worth it, and my skin being kissed by the sun, turning a golden brown. My skin is genetically of a brown hue, so a little sun goes a long way, and yes I do know how bad this is, skin cancer and all that jazz but I promise in moderation but I must have my colour.

Whilst many people spring clean their houses I am going to try and focus on spring cleaning myself. What does this mean… well September is going to be filled with making myself feel special. I am going to make myself a booking to see the hairdresser and do something with my hair, and it might be a bit radical. Then I think getting some pretty nails along with a trip to the day spa are all on the list. Of course finances dictate that all of this can’t be achieved but to be honest I don’t care how it gets achieved, I will eat toast for a week if I need to… I want to invest some time and money in myself this spring.

Maybe I will discover that it was just friviolous spending but right now… investing in myself is exactly what I am ordering from the menu of life.


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