When it rains, it pours!

Not really the real type of rain but it seems the universe listened to me whinging earlier this month about communication and manners and all that jazz, now I fear my phone is going to melt.

So that is a lesson to all of us, don’t complain if you aren’t interested in the consequences. It is nice feeling popular, for many years I was that person who had a phone, that did nothing but live like a brick in the bottom of my bag. A very expensive brick I might add! But now it is about to melt due to overuse, it makes you think about how attached to technology we have become.

When I have forgotten my phone, even when it wasn’t about to go into meltdown mode, I felt like I had lost a limb. Is it the security of having it with you in case of an emergency or is it the convenience or is it.. and I suspect this is the main reason …. so you can be connected 24/7. Because every message is important, every phone call needs your urgent attention. I am the person who can ignore my phone, and terrible at returning messages but that little flashing light saying, “You have mail!” (well it doesn’t say that but you get the idea) can be so attractive and distracting.

But for now I am during the day leaving my phone on silent, because due to a strange thing it the little green light doesn’t flash, telling me I have a message, thus I seem to not be distracted by it as much. But I must go and pay a visit to my telephone provider because the plan I am on is going to cost me a fortune if my phone continues to melt. Wish me luck, my telephone provider is known for being completely useless, and a plan change seems no different!



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