Stalker book…

Well this is what many people refer to as Facebook and to be honest it really is a stalkers paradise. Just this morning I decided to search up someone… and then clicked through to find his wife who politely left a large chunk of her photo’s open for the world to see. Whilst they were just general photo’s of a holiday and furbabies it was a bit weird being able to look at their photo’s and see what they had been up to. I am not the type of friend who you introduce to your wife especially when you have been indulging with a bit of marriage counselling with their husband (and thanks to stalker book discovered they have been married 1 year). So whilst we can never be “friends” in an open online medium I can still keep tabs and see what is happening. Unfortunately whilst using the subscribe feature would be useful this would allow for those people to see that I have subscribed, so I won’t be using that feature to stalk.

This really made me consider how dangerous Facebook can actually be and will have to again review my online friends as well as my security settings with the 100th change to them since I joined.

Now the reason for me stalking was well, there isn’t no reason except my male friend prides himself on being right … and unfortunately he was right over this Qantas dispute and thus I am going to have to eat my words, as I believed his flight would be delayed. I hate being wrong more than he does, so eating my words is seriously going to suck, and he won’t let me forget it. I was hoping to find something to use against his position of I am always right.. guess not.

From someone who is pretty internet savvy, and has been able to work out many of the “new” security settings being installed, this last update has me stumped and seems very complicated to get it set just how I want it / how I used to have it. Well that will be another lost night trying to fix the stupid settings. But let this be a warning to those… Facebook is an online medium and if you put it out there and don’t lock down your security, people will start peeping over the fence to see what they can see.


Bored… bored… bored in the concrete jungle

Well I know that we normally sing, George, George, George of the jungle look out for that tree, but with a lack of trees and no one here called George but we do have a bored in residence I thought it might make a catchy title for today’s blog post. My work is completely dull, there is no other way to describe my position… actually there is another way… seat warmer! I keep this seat warm and that is about it. Answer the odd phone call were 99% of the calls really don’t want our office and people just keep hanging up. I create maybe one document a day… and spend most of my time surfing the net and listening to the radio.

My life has been dull and the highlight of my Thursday night is doing at least two loads of laundry to be caught up and have clean clothes to wear to work on Friday. So really there isn’t anything exciting to report. My final unit is worse than pulling hen’s teeth…. for those studying the last unit is the hardest… not because of the subject matter but because after all these years working towards the goal, you get over it, and I am over it. On the sad side there the oncampus students I am living with are all starting to move out, of course it’s always the fun ones that move first.

As this year starts to wind up I am hoping to find a cheap getaway holiday to somewhere warm and sunny for a week to give myself a week of relaxation, whilst completing my final uni assignments. I doubt it will actually happen but you never know my luck, maybe I will find that cheap overseas getaway in the sun and bash out my last few assessments so I can finish the study period early rather than later. Still need to register for my degree, so I better get onto that quick smart, with only a few weeks to go before the uni year is finished.

Well guess I should go back to pretending to do some work, it is what they are paying me for. Going to try and bunk off work two hours early tomorrow… there is a really good game of rugby starting at 230pm.

Another day another dollar…

Or so the saying goes, not like I particularly care about the dollar or trudging my way through another day at the grindstone. This working thing really isn’t all its cracked up to be, I have a list of things that I should be doing but instead I have found myself surfing the net, playing on my phone or singing along to the radio in my head, and now I am blogging. With just over 4 weeks before I finish this job, as much as I am not a country type girl the thought of not having to get dressed for work and come to an office and be bored all day is sounding mighty appealing.

What isn’t appealing is as the weather warms up again, I move further away from the beautiful blue ocean. A long hot summer at the beach is really what I want to be doing, but alas it isn’t looking possible yet. Once the harvest is finished the question is should I be heading back to the coast to enjoy the last few months of summer or should I stay closer to my husband? I know at the farm I have my husband, a swimming pool (note this is a poor subsitute for the beach) and my beloved furbabies, but its isolated. ** sigh ** more decisions to be made but I am not making them right now. At least my current employer is advertising my position as a casual one so there is a chance I can get it back if I decided to move back.

Also, at the rate I am going, if I don’t pull my finger out I will be still be studying next year. Who could have imagined that one unit could be doing my head it soooooooo badly. I think that because it is a group one that makes it just a little bit harder, the guilt of not giving 100% isn’t worth it. Lucky at least my group is happy to pass, we are all over this study game, passing is all I need. Oh note to self… register for the degree… you finish in like 6 weeks!!!

Well suppose I should try to look like I am achieiving something constructutive right now, considering I have just under 45 minutes before I finish for the day, and at the rate I am going, if I don’t keep busy I will fall asleep at my desk. It was naughty of me to deliberately set myself up in the corner so I could surf the net in peace and quiet, before we go onto the real network which will be monitored.

Tonight is shopping night, so I need to conserve my energy to find a dress for a friend’s wedding in a few weeks, not that I want to buy a new dress, but the ones I currently own are considered a little too low cut for this wedding, shame really, its good to torment my ex, with a revealing outfit.

World Cup

Loving the fact that the Rugby World Cup is currently on. The games have been really great, but still my favourite was last weekend with Tonga claiming the scalp of France.

Today is the first of the quarter finals and tomorrow are the matches I really want to see I have agreed to catch up with friends. What was I thinking.. missing the two most important games of the quarters in my humble opinion.

Of course overscheduling is my biggest problem, and this time I have done it to my own detriments. ARRRRGGGHHHH. Today I am procrastinating about studying again watching more Rugby and those horrible Irish just scored a try. I am normally friendly to the Irish but after they beat the Wallabies I am no longer a fan.

On another note I am feeling a little rejected, tried to speak to my partner about making me feel more loved and cared for, but alas it lasted less than 24 hours and there has been silence.  Just feeling a tad unsupported right now and this is crossing into all aspects of my life. Not a good way to be ending the year.

My new job is really crap, maybe I will feel better with a desk and a computer, but I doubt it very much.  One of the bosses said that in Australia if you tell an employee they have to return they will…. um NOOOOO!

So I am just going to sit back, enjoy this game of rugby, back it up with another, and then watch trashy TV show until I snap out of it.. hope it happens soon as I am on the last series of my trashy DVD series.

Into the ocean

This weekend I went and spent a night in a little place called Preston Beach and wished I never had to leave. I jumped in the freezing ocean but it was so refreshing. Saturday was the best day for the beach, but I forgot my camera DOH!. Its a shame it isn’t a good swimming beach for little ones but it is still a really nice place.

Anyone heading to WA and wanting some time out, I would recommend staying down at Preston Beach Footprints Resort.  Pool, tennis court, playgrounds, one at the beach about 5 mins away and one about 2 mins around the corner from the resort. Being between two national parks there are plenty of kanagroo’s about and you can get quite close because they are used to people being around.

We were lucky our bungalow, which are fully equipped with BBQ, dishwasher, fridge etc so you can just bring your food and cook in your unit, overlooked the road (very quiet) but some of the units, face each other sharing a common grassed area (would be great for kids). Didn’t try out the pool as it was the first day of school holidays, but the kids there were having a great time, with a shallow kids pool and a normal deeper one as well.

I spent my time at the beach, watching two great games of rugby world cup (and channel surfing to the AFL final), lazing on the lounge or the deck. Ate way too much, my friend is a better cook than I remembered and I didn’t even have to wash a dish :) Ahhh relaxation 101 … just wish I was there for at least 3 days, you can’t do anything but relax there.

Shame it is time to go back to reality because it was just 24 hours of bliss….

Hello October

Well its the beginning of a new month and it marks the last 6 weeks I have left in the big city. Well ok, this city isn’t so big but its a city, and a capital city at that.  I had planned to be here for another 3 months but unfortunately things change and for me this means making the most of what I have left.

The weather is starting to turn towards summer and to be honest that is one of the things that I am going to miss the most, not having a few months of beaching before returning to the rural lifestyle.  Summer’s at the beach are always so enjoyable for me, as I have this natural attraction to the water, especially the beach. But I know that if I need a bit of water therapy when I return to the rural lifestyle I can jump into the pool and at least pretend.

With my decision to return to the farm early, to help with harvest (for the first time ever!), I had to pass on a new job. For the first time I was head hunted into a position and then had to decline. I know my star signs told me it would happen, but I didn’t think it would, but I do hope that this wasn’t “the” career job mentioned for September, and that there are more opportunities coming.

Uni is in its final swing, final unit, which unfortunately is a group project. The group is great my motivation is seriously lacking, must make amends for that problem. But right now my head space really isn’t focused on getting my degree, especially as I haven’t even registered for it … yet. Note to self.. register for your degree!!!!

Another note to self, deep tissue massages cause bruising, so if you don’t want to look like you have been in a fight or fallen over in a drunken stupor, don’t opt for deep tissue. My lower back whilst all bruised feels great.. shame about my neck.

Before I sign this off for the weekend and see if the October forecasts are up at, I thought I would put a comment here about relationships. They are hard…. difficult and at times frustrating.  Friendships are easier to maintain but when a relationship (from many moons ago) turns into a friendship, you can’t guarantee that their new partner will be accepting. My ex is coming for a wedding that we will be at, his wife and family come too, but after deleting him, I wonder how this event will go. Sigh… I think I might just go and have a quiet weekend on a beach somewhere and just not worry about anything except for me. Wandering up and down a beach leaving footprints sounds like a better way to spend my time than worrying about husbands, ex boyfriends, family or life in general.

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