Stalker book…

Well this is what many people refer to as Facebook and to be honest it really is a stalkers paradise. Just this morning I decided to search up someone… and then clicked through to find his wife who politely left a large chunk of her photo’s open for the world to see. Whilst they were just general photo’s of a holiday and furbabies it was a bit weird being able to look at their photo’s and see what they had been up to. I am not the type of friend who you introduce to your wife especially when you have been indulging with a bit of marriage counselling with their husband (and thanks to stalker book discovered they have been married 1 year). So whilst we can never be “friends” in an open online medium I can still keep tabs and see what is happening. Unfortunately whilst using the subscribe feature would be useful this would allow for those people to see that I have subscribed, so I won’t be using that feature to stalk.

This really made me consider how dangerous Facebook can actually be and will have to again review my online friends as well as my security settings with the 100th change to them since I joined.

Now the reason for me stalking was well, there isn’t no reason except my male friend prides himself on being right … and unfortunately he was right over this Qantas dispute and thus I am going to have to eat my words, as I believed his flight would be delayed. I hate being wrong more than he does, so eating my words is seriously going to suck, and he won’t let me forget it. I was hoping to find something to use against his position of I am always right.. guess not.

From someone who is pretty internet savvy, and has been able to work out many of the “new” security settings being installed, this last update has me stumped and seems very complicated to get it set just how I want it / how I used to have it. Well that will be another lost night trying to fix the stupid settings. But let this be a warning to those… Facebook is an online medium and if you put it out there and don’t lock down your security, people will start peeping over the fence to see what they can see.


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