At some stage you would think I could have mastered the art of packing. Unfortunately I will give you the tip, I haven’t. Less than 1 day before I take off and I have started on the mountain of washing. On the plus side due to being ruthless with my clothing recently I don’t really have that many clothes. The downside, I’m always washing and I really don’t have much to wear on holidays.

I’m trying to see if I can pack a ball gown, and trash it one last time. Downside…its going to have to travel dirty as I don’t have time to wash and dry that tonight and it takes up so much space. I’ve got to get in 3 pairs of shoes, this is annoying to say the least. Weight restrictions are going to be my killer… again!!!

Oh well at least I’m procrastinating well, that is a skill that has taken years to hone and perfect, a very fine line between complete laziness and procrastination.

Now I must remind myself that the gift with purchase for packing is…. I get to go shopping! Perfume, alcohol, fabric, electronics 🙂 My new motto is… With everything there is a reward. It doesn’t always involve money, it won’t always involve travel, maybe its as simple as spending some time reading a book, but there is going to be a reward.

So a quick surf around town to catch up on the goss. Some princess is having a baby, better see if my friend is going to be needing ‘Scotty’ to beam her up, so as she so eloquently put it… rip that baby out myself as she wants to share a birthday with one of the potential heirs (is that even the right word?) to the throne. Poms! Eh… and now they steal the start of the Tour de France next year.. boo.



I am the queen of procrastination under the guise of multitasking. Right now this is my last full day before I commence what I am now learning to know is….. my ‘mid life crisis in a red swag’.

Yes, I am flying to South Korea. I am going camping. The Cure will soothe my soul and take me back to years gone by. Stereophonics will just make me sit back and enjoy. Then Fun. will get me up and dancing. All over three glorious days where the temperature resembles something that is reasonable, and I will accept humidity and precipitation as a by product of being warm and getting a sun tan.

I will shop at the fabric market and get lost for hours in its maze. Maybe even go and have a cup of coffee with some friendly kitty cats. Who know’s but I am certainly going to relax and escape.

Escape from the paperwork that I need to complete, the music I need to face, the planning and working. Its just all stuff I try to avoid at the best of times, but guess its reality time.  But until reality time is a reality, I’m going to live my midlife crisis, with my head held high. This one is about me! Its really about me, I’m happy to share some of it with other people, but its on my terms.

Drowning in Digital Photo’s

The collection of photographs is starting to get a bit out of hand. There are just so many of them, damn being an early adopter of technology and having a digital camera since early 2000. I always joke, when I was young and making mistakes there was never that much evidence, as you had to get the pictures printed at a photo lab… someone was going to see them!

Well going through photographs it appears some of those real ones have been digitized. One I came across is so beautiful, and one that I want to display but I can’t. Its taken at my wedding, I’m kissing my ex. We have been friends for longer than we were together, we are still friends. 

This photo is nearly a decade old, but it still tugged at my heartstrings. So damn you getting organised and trying to tame the mass of photo’s that we have electronically. Exactly what am I going to do with that photo? What album could I publish it in? It couldn’t be part of my wall montage, how can I explain it.

Next time I try to get organised I will start from the newest back, safety in actually remembering what pictures were taken if it has happened more recently than a decade ago!

No hot water

It really is an inconvenience having to drive 20km round trip to belong to the section of the population who bathe properly on a regular basis.  Where is my hot water system?? At least I don’t have to socialize as we have been able to commandeer a bathroom but I live in the 21st Century, I need running hot and cold water, sewage connect, a machine that washes clothing and a machine that connects me to the internet. I will survive.

On a side note, lets discuss my windscreen, excellent its replaced but why don’t my windscreen wipers wipe and could you pop my review mirror on. Really not up for the 80km+ round trip for you to put it on at your workshop, especially as there are two cars that need their review mirrors stuck back on.

If I was going to live without my own private conveniences for showering, it is better being in my swag in beautiful warm 21 to 27 degree weather. Listening to excellent music attending a festival. But alas that is 10 more days away!!! Then I wouldn’t care too much about the showering facilities, its a festival! So my bet with you,universe, is my next private showering facilities be when I change hemispheres and then resort to sharing bathing rooms?

Convenience and reliability, really not too much to ask. But I’m fearing after 20 days touring foreign lands, immersing myself in culture, where things work the way they should, this spot I call home (freezing and landlocked or stinking hot and landlocked) might need more than just whipping into shape.

Quitting Smoking

It’s nothing new, but really do I have to. Sitting here for the first time with no cigarette at the computer. Watching the clock tick down, to when the little cafe opens so I can buy a packet.

Ran Out of Cigarettes #1 – Estimate time lasted before a cigarette… approximately 5 hours and that included sleeping.

Really should go back to patches but the lovely vivid dreaming really isn’t for me right now.

After 20 years of being a smoker (wow times flies when you are having fun) its really hard to bid them farewell, because I honestly enjoy smoking. One place more than most will be at my computer…its been a long part of my established working life.

In order to delay the time since I ran out of cigarettes…. having a coffee.. they say sip water but it is too cold this morning. But I did add a dash of rum choc liqueur … that will delay driving even longer. Maybe I will make it to 6 hours.

Clutter Free – Becoming a reality.

Its true, throughout my life I have been surrounded by clutter and I hoard. Not insane, get in the health department but still no where near acceptable. There is photographic evidence of how the ‘dumping zone’ was from various different times over the last 5 or so years.

This time my mindset towards the clutter (I’m being nice to myself) has changed. I no longer want to hoard it. I want it stored, but easily accessible. Its time to embrace the 21st century technology but also retain the old, which has started with me connecting a dialup internet account again in 2013!!!

‘The Workshop” has been reclaimed by 1/4 or 25%. There are now two functional workspaces, some wall decoration being the photographs that never see the light of day. The big achievement is ‘The Library” which currently is a drawer in a horrible grey filing cabinet, but in my head, it is this beautiful matching bookcases, colour co-ordinated magazine holders, with a old fashioned card system as well as electronic searching database. Oh yes it is a grand “Library”.

“The Electronic” is now stopping paper, particularly in finance not being handled twice. The mail becomes a PDF file and the original marked and filed immediately.

Finally my ruthlessness, sees “The Green Barrel” go off for its second turn to visit the incinerator. Cleansing to just rid yourself of everything allows a weight to be lifted off your shoulders. It really does help that after spending 2010 to 2012  co-ordinating 10 change of address cards, across two states, the paperwork does tend to get behind and build up.

It’s onwards and upwards… to conquer the mountain of paperwork, with alcoholic beverage in hand to make the world a better place.


Crazy breakdown

Well its official. I am 35 years of age and my first psychotic breakdown has occurred. I silently ignored my husband until he just went way. Then I thought, I pondered, reflected and then…. then I started to scream. 

Slowly … refusing to say that one sentence that boiled up inside of me. “I can do this”. Lucky for me my isolation worked in my favour. I was only scaring my husband, along with the 2 furbabies with no one else to hear me. Potentially now I think there could have been someone else around, but I doubt it, don’t care if anyone else did hear it. I’m over it.

So long story short, I had that massive insane, chanting, obsessed… deliberate pen scribbling. Anger, hurt, frustration, annoyance, determination, forgiveness, gutter screaming, cleansing yelling session. Yes it felt good, would I recommend it…um maybe. My husband did come in and calmly tell me that he was scared by my actions. I had to use non-confrontational non-verbal body language to communicate, because I was not breaking my mantra sentence.

Used my mantra sentence, to restore acceptable volume, more gentler tones, Calmed myself down, husband no longer scared. No small animals were harmed in this cathartic session. 

What do we make of this… I don’t know. But I feel better, energized, lighter in the chest. Now dive headfirst into a pile of financial statements. 

Fast Forward .. 2013

Well I have found a link to this blog and decided to bring it back to life again. Why start somewhere new….again.

Update …

Qualified Secondary Teacher – Registered in 2 states. 

VET – Cert IV TAE or TAA or what ever you call it. Need to do Adult learning module to stay registered past 2014(?) and get more industry experience GGGRRRR

Bach Arts (Internet Comms) – Oh how I have missed having fun studying

Location – Farm

Employment – None

Children – None

Cat x 1 & Dog x 1 (same as 2011)

Travel: 2011 – Fiji; 2012 – Nullabor, QLD, Cambodia; 2013 – South Korea & Bali – in only 2 short weeks!!!!!!!

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