No hot water

It really is an inconvenience having to drive 20km round trip to belong to the section of the population who bathe properly on a regular basis.  Where is my hot water system?? At least I don’t have to socialize as we have been able to commandeer a bathroom but I live in the 21st Century, I need running hot and cold water, sewage connect, a machine that washes clothing and a machine that connects me to the internet. I will survive.

On a side note, lets discuss my windscreen, excellent its replaced but why don’t my windscreen wipers wipe and could you pop my review mirror on. Really not up for the 80km+ round trip for you to put it on at your workshop, especially as there are two cars that need their review mirrors stuck back on.

If I was going to live without my own private conveniences for showering, it is better being in my swag in beautiful warm 21 to 27 degree weather. Listening to excellent music attending a festival. But alas that is 10 more days away!!! Then I wouldn’t care too much about the showering facilities, its a festival! So my bet with you,universe, is my next private showering facilities be when I change hemispheres and then resort to sharing bathing rooms?

Convenience and reliability, really not too much to ask. But I’m fearing after 20 days touring foreign lands, immersing myself in culture, where things work the way they should, this spot I call home (freezing and landlocked or stinking hot and landlocked) might need more than just whipping into shape.


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