The Wedding

Bones, the wedding between Seely Booth and Temperance Brennan. YES!

The ceremony is going on and she makes a point of to beng given away as property. I was the same at my wedding, but not so directly.

Beautiful,words Booth… And of course Temperance, you do speak with your mouth. But those words were writAnn and spoken from the heart.


The Wall

A wall can mean many things in different circumstances. To steal a line (that I can,t remember’ from a movie on the Rom Channel … The (insert latin or greek or some other relevant language here) Greek have 13 or 14 different ways to say love, and English has one.

Wall is the same, I have an emotional wall, physical wall like the one that holds up your house. The ‘wall of paperwork’ or the ‘wall of washing’.

Then there is ‘the wall’. A location within my parents house that holds awards, academic awards. It’s become a game in my household in which pieces of paper are collected and mounted upon this wall. It makes my parents proud and keeps them somewhere safe.

In order to finally get ‘one more’ certificate on the wall, my Saturday will be filled with organising a portfolio to gain another certificate. Interestingly the lowest on my academic statement another Vocational Certificate to broaden, yet again, my scope of qualification.

One month to go before another year is wound now, the ups and downs of the last 4 years. Four years filled with planes, trains and automobiles, I can even legally drive one now. From living in glitz and glamour to camping in soggy waterlogged field, from business class to bogan class, Ive done it all. Weather boards to a brick and tile, inside a transportable box to luxury apartment living. Surrounded by. Mountains of belongings, spread across 3 houses to 23kg of luggage to sustain me for a month. Finding my items in storage facilities, displayed in perfect locations to back sheds under tarpaulins.

Well no more time for wishful thinking, it’s noose to the grind and a day of study and domestic bliss.

What a way to start the day…

After a busy day getting supplies yesterday, conquering 800 miles in one day. I feel set for that run to the end of 2013 as they set up the christmas mince pies. Yes people that holiday is fast approaching. Eeeeeeeek.

This morning I have risen with the morning sun….had my coffee with a nip and lots of cream…..mmmmmmm. As a rule I generally don’t drink, but I’m over it today.

So for fun, and just for fun, the rarely drinker, is having an irish coffee breakfast instead of a champagne breakfast. There is no way I can drink champers of any sort!!!! With a leisurely grains and fresh fruit platter to graze on as the morning starts and the sun rises,..

Or…. I can go grab the washing, hang it out…Throw together some cereal and eat whilst working on the computer, Then keep working on the computer whilst eating fruit.

Gen X get into Bitstrip on Facebook

Its official, my time is now taken up considering the latest Bitstrip someone has made and posted to Facebook. There is a huge uptake in those Gen X’s wanting to hold onto their youth, continually move with the times. 


For the record, no at this time I do not have it installed, Considering my digital footprint everday, does it really matter if I create, with the large amount already out there, I can just borrow one if I feel the need. 

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