What a way to start the day…

After a busy day getting supplies yesterday, conquering 800 miles in one day. I feel set for that run to the end of 2013 as they set up the christmas mince pies. Yes people that holiday is fast approaching. Eeeeeeeek.

This morning I have risen with the morning sun….had my coffee with a nip and lots of cream…..mmmmmmm. As a rule I generally don’t drink, but I’m over it today.

So for fun, and just for fun, the rarely drinker, is having an irish coffee breakfast instead of a champagne breakfast. There is no way I can drink champers of any sort!!!! With a leisurely grains and fresh fruit platter to graze on as the morning starts and the sun rises,..

Or…. I can go grab the washing, hang it out…Throw together some cereal and eat whilst working on the computer, Then keep working on the computer whilst eating fruit.


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