December 31, 2013

Well hello to the morning of the last day of 2013, this morning talking (and assisted with last nights entertainment) has made finally seen the full circle complete.

So this is how (minus the entertainment) I will be starting my days, minus the smoking and minus the caffiene, getting to know not only myself but 2014 as well. Not on that verandah because it will soon belong to someone else, but I will always fondly remember that steel grey blue walls and decking fondly. It was a morning I will never forget, we spoke honestly again, I felt comfortable, that sparkle came back. Finally I can walk away feeling content that the right people are looking out for him and that he is being kinder to himself.

This morning I made a slip saying good riddance to 2003 instead of 2013. Today is the end of a long 19 year cycle, when a new moon will greet the new year with us. The circle is complete but all the lessons from 2013 and the past 19 years haven’t all fully shown themselves, but Im working on that.

My parting gift to myself for 2013… 6 weeks in a retreat when the inner and outer journey will collide. Tonight I will see what the night shall bring me but as always I will face it with a smile, alone, with friends (old or new) or in dream world 2014 will be my year, not because I made a resolution but because I am worthy. Sometimes I don’t believe it but after enough people saying it for the last 2 years, either their record is broken or it’s time to believe in my own self worth and face the world, with open heart and mind.


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