And another year of rambling begins

Its taken me a few days to work out exactly what to write for the first post of 2014, so many ideas and not enough energy to get them down. I’m blaming the solar flares but deep down its also because I am scared.

The start of 2014 was the most bizarre situation culminating in me skippering the couple I never thought I would see together. Ironically I had met her before…. if the aftermath means our paths never cross, whilst my heart will be heavy it will be complete. He takes me to places that I never think I can go, brings down walls, makes me feel alive.  He only did what he knew I was ready for, I did ask if she knew I existed. Now he helped put faces to the names, galant, dangerous, and has my friend base split 50/50.

Some think that is was horrid that he asked me to drive him and his date to her house. Well technically he said lift home, but never said whose. Yes, it would have been nice to spend some time with him, but not 2am been out all night. I would rather keep my memories intact with a great ending to 2013 (albeit a day early) and my ‘last’ NY kiss was his.

So this second day of 2014 allowed me to create new routines, including reading, swimming and beach walking. Returning to old haunts for my traditional, ‘one nutritious meal’ a week but instead of journal articles it was a good book and a vodka spiked LLB. Now I round out the evening with good music, the last few chapters of Book #4 and the incoming tide under the stars.

As happy as I am there is something missing……… I need to find that last puzzle piece.


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