Boxes arriving – More unpacking

My first box from my overseas trip has arrived. I’m certain now that having this business will afford me the luxury of travelling something that is part of who I am now.

Back being creative has been the best thing for me, especially as it is now part of the house and not excluded. This makes for some interesting space and storage ideas but for once, there is determination at hand.

My lifestyle is now more flexible and through being able to dictate how my time is spent, there is much more enjoyment to be had.

The saying, ‘live to travel’ resonates with me. My life does not revolve around travelling but to find a way to join my Bohemian / Nomadic side with exploring and my everyday.



I am the queen of procrastination under the guise of multitasking. Right now this is my last full day before I commence what I am now learning to know is….. my ‘mid life crisis in a red swag’.

Yes, I am flying to South Korea. I am going camping. The Cure will soothe my soul and take me back to years gone by. Stereophonics will just make me sit back and enjoy. Then Fun. will get me up and dancing. All over three glorious days where the temperature resembles something that is reasonable, and I will accept humidity and precipitation as a by product of being warm and getting a sun tan.

I will shop at the fabric market and get lost for hours in its maze. Maybe even go and have a cup of coffee with some friendly kitty cats. Who know’s but I am certainly going to relax and escape.

Escape from the paperwork that I need to complete, the music I need to face, the planning and working. Its just all stuff I try to avoid at the best of times, but guess its reality time.  But until reality time is a reality, I’m going to live my midlife crisis, with my head held high. This one is about me! Its really about me, I’m happy to share some of it with other people, but its on my terms.

Clutter Free – Becoming a reality.

Its true, throughout my life I have been surrounded by clutter and I hoard. Not insane, get in the health department but still no where near acceptable. There is photographic evidence of how the ‘dumping zone’ was from various different times over the last 5 or so years.

This time my mindset towards the clutter (I’m being nice to myself) has changed. I no longer want to hoard it. I want it stored, but easily accessible. Its time to embrace the 21st century technology but also retain the old, which has started with me connecting a dialup internet account again in 2013!!!

‘The Workshop” has been reclaimed by 1/4 or 25%. There are now two functional workspaces, some wall decoration being the photographs that never see the light of day. The big achievement is ‘The Library” which currently is a drawer in a horrible grey filing cabinet, but in my head, it is this beautiful matching bookcases, colour co-ordinated magazine holders, with a old fashioned card system as well as electronic searching database. Oh yes it is a grand “Library”.

“The Electronic” is now stopping paper, particularly in finance not being handled twice. The mail becomes a PDF file and the original marked and filed immediately.

Finally my ruthlessness, sees “The Green Barrel” go off for its second turn to visit the incinerator. Cleansing to just rid yourself of everything allows a weight to be lifted off your shoulders. It really does help that after spending 2010 to 2012  co-ordinating 10 change of address cards, across two states, the paperwork does tend to get behind and build up.

It’s onwards and upwards… to conquer the mountain of paperwork, with alcoholic beverage in hand to make the world a better place.


Customer v Telstra

Thought that whilst I am sitting here on hold thought I should take this opportunity to detail the adventures of yet another attempted telephone conversation with Telstra. It is ironic that Telstra who are the main providers of telecommunications are unable to run an effective call centre setup, with the customer in mind.

Over the years for numerous service issues the job of contacting Telstra has been left to me. Before everyone says change carriers well I would except in rural Australia they offer the best coverage. Today I rang to get the customer service guarantee applied as my landline wasn’t fixed within 2 business days.

So I rang and spent 45 minutes playing the game of asking, “I would like the customer service guarantee applied to my account please as it wasn’t repaired within 2 working days”. Being verified for my identity and then the operator putting me on hold. Operator comes back and says, ” I just need to transfer you and they will be able to help you.” Only to be speaking to someone who doesn’t have any of your information and you get to start again.

So the above scenario was repeated 6 times in 45 minutes, and then the call was transfered and eventually rang out. I did wait on the line and pressed 2 to indicate that my inquiry was not resolved. Then I was asked how satisfied with the call so I responded with Unsatisfied but then the call was terminated. Guess they didn’t want the bad feedback.

Feeling a bit gallant thought I would give it one more try… got another call centre and based on the formal language being used, they were overseas, he did the whole verify thing and put me on hold. This guy was a bit better he kept telling me he had done his research, hope he wasn’t looking at the street signs above his desk to try and research this irate woman from Down Under.

He tried to transfer me to the department he assured me could help me, this would be the CSG Processing team, but the transfer never worked, I was left listening to a ringing phone and then the old fashioned engaged tone. The second call took just over 18 minutes and still no result. Oh well I really shouldn’t be surprised, I am dealing with Telstra. Maybe tomorrow I will have success.

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