What a way to start the day…

After a busy day getting supplies yesterday, conquering 800 miles in one day. I feel set for that run to the end of 2013 as they set up the christmas mince pies. Yes people that holiday is fast approaching. Eeeeeeeek.

This morning I have risen with the morning sun….had my coffee with a nip and lots of cream…..mmmmmmm. As a rule I generally don’t drink, but I’m over it today.

So for fun, and just for fun, the rarely drinker, is having an irish coffee breakfast instead of a champagne breakfast. There is no way I can drink champers of any sort!!!! With a leisurely grains and fresh fruit platter to graze on as the morning starts and the sun rises,..

Or…. I can go grab the washing, hang it out…Throw together some cereal and eat whilst working on the computer, Then keep working on the computer whilst eating fruit.


Gen X get into Bitstrip on Facebook

Its official, my time is now taken up considering the latest Bitstrip someone has made and posted to Facebook. There is a huge uptake in those Gen X’s wanting to hold onto their youth, continually move with the times. 


For the record, no at this time I do not have it installed, Considering my digital footprint everday, does it really matter if I create, with the large amount already out there, I can just borrow one if I feel the need. 

Generation Z is always connected …

“Generation Z is always connect

Reference: BETHANY HIATT, The West Australian Updated September 15, 2013, 2:27 pm


This….really, not again! For once finding that one exact scholarly paper for a submission and this one needs to pop up.

This year is looking slim, but where is that one academic paper that will bounce my research proposal into play. Firstly the cost benefits of doing a research degree appeal to me, hello zero. The cost of education in Australia suffers many disparities and thus a predetermined amount will be repaid over time, hopefully within this decade.

Living in a rural setting to become socially isolated in an electronic cottage for some becomes part of one’s habitus. For generation Z, those aged now between 4 and 18 its all documented.

At least not all my dumb stuff is online, some ‘proof’ only lies in memories, maybe one significant moment in a photo album.

But with everything at their fingertips a post in a Teacher support group asked a class, “Me (to my 8th graders on an enrichment half day at warm up time): “So, this teacher group I belonged to had a post about kids not getting the right answer to a problem and I want to know if it’s your generation or if it was a local problem.”
Them (in the palm of my hand and intrigued): “What problem?”
Me: “What is the correct response to this statement: I’ve got chills.”
One boy, questioning and with a grin, “They’re multiplying?” Me: smiles
Two girls, in song, “And I’m losing control….” Me: “There’s hope for your generation, now let’s get started.” So, to the earlier poster, my experiment proved it was an aberration. This generation does know the “classics”. “


Not impressed, quitting makes me grumpy and irritable. Its time I know but now, standing here right now … not happy Jan!

It’s the right thing to do, but its my vice. We should all have one right. Smoking a cigarette at my back computer is something that I enjoy.

My last blog post (for the forseeable future) where I don’t type in my back office with a lit cigarette, so it can all be cleaned and return to being my ‘creative cave’ minus the smoke

Spring has sprung!

It has officially sprung in my neck of the woods, which for the first time has co-existed with the dreaded ‘Spring Clean’. Where I live it is the ONLY sensible time to be doing major clean ups. The weather generally works with you and attire is easy and comfortable to wear.

Spring is a great time of year, but I am always partial to a good summer but it needs to be an enjoyable, relaxing one where I get to bask in the heat. Even a summer rain at the right time is a welcome relief especially when my body is not coping.

Career direction and life planning also seem to be happening now. It’s a whirlwind of activity which my body is resisting. It’s very manic, and my body is responding with butterflies interchanged with stomach knots.

21st Century Dilemna

I’m been defriended on Facebook. **Shock *** Gasp *** Horror

In all honesty is refreshing, someone has taken the time to sweep through their friend list and cull. Seriously do they ‘all’ have to be there? My ex-facebook friend had flowers as her public display. It was refreshing to see a spring clean happen without any hoopla or public statements.

Guess for me it is more about updating lists. I don’t defriend because the horror stories of how it ruined someones life is out there for the whole world to see. People stay my friend but I adjust the level of access they have to things.

Boxes arriving – More unpacking

My first box from my overseas trip has arrived. I’m certain now that having this business will afford me the luxury of travelling something that is part of who I am now.

Back being creative has been the best thing for me, especially as it is now part of the house and not excluded. This makes for some interesting space and storage ideas but for once, there is determination at hand.

My lifestyle is now more flexible and through being able to dictate how my time is spent, there is much more enjoyment to be had.

The saying, ‘live to travel’ resonates with me. My life does not revolve around travelling but to find a way to join my Bohemian / Nomadic side with exploring and my everyday.


At some stage you would think I could have mastered the art of packing. Unfortunately I will give you the tip, I haven’t. Less than 1 day before I take off and I have started on the mountain of washing. On the plus side due to being ruthless with my clothing recently I don’t really have that many clothes. The downside, I’m always washing and I really don’t have much to wear on holidays.

I’m trying to see if I can pack a ball gown, and trash it one last time. Downside…its going to have to travel dirty as I don’t have time to wash and dry that tonight and it takes up so much space. I’ve got to get in 3 pairs of shoes, this is annoying to say the least. Weight restrictions are going to be my killer… again!!!

Oh well at least I’m procrastinating well, that is a skill that has taken years to hone and perfect, a very fine line between complete laziness and procrastination.

Now I must remind myself that the gift with purchase for packing is…. I get to go shopping! Perfume, alcohol, fabric, electronics 🙂 My new motto is… With everything there is a reward. It doesn’t always involve money, it won’t always involve travel, maybe its as simple as spending some time reading a book, but there is going to be a reward.

So a quick surf around town to catch up on the goss. Some princess is having a baby, better see if my friend is going to be needing ‘Scotty’ to beam her up, so as she so eloquently put it… rip that baby out myself as she wants to share a birthday with one of the potential heirs (is that even the right word?) to the throne. Poms! Eh… and now they steal the start of the Tour de France next year.. boo.


I am the queen of procrastination under the guise of multitasking. Right now this is my last full day before I commence what I am now learning to know is….. my ‘mid life crisis in a red swag’.

Yes, I am flying to South Korea. I am going camping. The Cure will soothe my soul and take me back to years gone by. Stereophonics will just make me sit back and enjoy. Then Fun. will get me up and dancing. All over three glorious days where the temperature resembles something that is reasonable, and I will accept humidity and precipitation as a by product of being warm and getting a sun tan.

I will shop at the fabric market and get lost for hours in its maze. Maybe even go and have a cup of coffee with some friendly kitty cats. Who know’s but I am certainly going to relax and escape.

Escape from the paperwork that I need to complete, the music I need to face, the planning and working. Its just all stuff I try to avoid at the best of times, but guess its reality time.  But until reality time is a reality, I’m going to live my midlife crisis, with my head held high. This one is about me! Its really about me, I’m happy to share some of it with other people, but its on my terms.

Drowning in Digital Photo’s

The collection of photographs is starting to get a bit out of hand. There are just so many of them, damn being an early adopter of technology and having a digital camera since early 2000. I always joke, when I was young and making mistakes there was never that much evidence, as you had to get the pictures printed at a photo lab… someone was going to see them!

Well going through photographs it appears some of those real ones have been digitized. One I came across is so beautiful, and one that I want to display but I can’t. Its taken at my wedding, I’m kissing my ex. We have been friends for longer than we were together, we are still friends. 

This photo is nearly a decade old, but it still tugged at my heartstrings. So damn you getting organised and trying to tame the mass of photo’s that we have electronically. Exactly what am I going to do with that photo? What album could I publish it in? It couldn’t be part of my wall montage, how can I explain it.

Next time I try to get organised I will start from the newest back, safety in actually remembering what pictures were taken if it has happened more recently than a decade ago!

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