And another year of rambling begins

Its taken me a few days to work out exactly what to write for the first post of 2014, so many ideas and not enough energy to get them down. I’m blaming the solar flares but deep down its also because I am scared.

The start of 2014 was the most bizarre situation culminating in me skippering the couple I never thought I would see together. Ironically I had met her before…. if the aftermath means our paths never cross, whilst my heart will be heavy it will be complete. He takes me to places that I never think I can go, brings down walls, makes me feel alive.  He only did what he knew I was ready for, I did ask if she knew I existed. Now he helped put faces to the names, galant, dangerous, and has my friend base split 50/50.

Some think that is was horrid that he asked me to drive him and his date to her house. Well technically he said lift home, but never said whose. Yes, it would have been nice to spend some time with him, but not 2am been out all night. I would rather keep my memories intact with a great ending to 2013 (albeit a day early) and my ‘last’ NY kiss was his.

So this second day of 2014 allowed me to create new routines, including reading, swimming and beach walking. Returning to old haunts for my traditional, ‘one nutritious meal’ a week but instead of journal articles it was a good book and a vodka spiked LLB. Now I round out the evening with good music, the last few chapters of Book #4 and the incoming tide under the stars.

As happy as I am there is something missing……… I need to find that last puzzle piece.


Season Greetings

That should cover everyone. Don’t mind if you do or don’t celebrate, I’m a little of both whilst comprehending the religious concept, and that other religious have different viewpoints or don’t follow it, have something different, or abstain, enjoy the summer season.

Really not a good person around the holidays, trying to not celebrate but ensuring everyone has somewhere to be. We came back from the city to ensure everyone had somewhere to share a meal for Christmas. It was nice only the three of us, but right now I am in no shape to entertain, left it up to my long suffering husband. Wasn’t feeling too bad until I saw my foot. Really should learn to stumble better, and I wasn’t even drunk. 

Finally I properly cleaned out my wound (2 days later), recovered and will leave for two days. The karma I get back for helping out a friend with his wound and back, lets see if mine heals as nicely.

2013 is about to draw to a close, my job is to relax and walk the beach, trying to cut down on my smoking, relaxing reading books, drinking good coffee. Preparing myself for complete limitation in the coming weeks on caffeine, no cigarettes, hard exercise and seminars on being healthy with a good dose of tough love. Only 72 hours to go until my journey begins.

Hello October

Well its the beginning of a new month and it marks the last 6 weeks I have left in the big city. Well ok, this city isn’t so big but its a city, and a capital city at that.  I had planned to be here for another 3 months but unfortunately things change and for me this means making the most of what I have left.

The weather is starting to turn towards summer and to be honest that is one of the things that I am going to miss the most, not having a few months of beaching before returning to the rural lifestyle.  Summer’s at the beach are always so enjoyable for me, as I have this natural attraction to the water, especially the beach. But I know that if I need a bit of water therapy when I return to the rural lifestyle I can jump into the pool and at least pretend.

With my decision to return to the farm early, to help with harvest (for the first time ever!), I had to pass on a new job. For the first time I was head hunted into a position and then had to decline. I know my star signs told me it would happen, but I didn’t think it would, but I do hope that this wasn’t “the” career job mentioned for September, and that there are more opportunities coming.

Uni is in its final swing, final unit, which unfortunately is a group project. The group is great my motivation is seriously lacking, must make amends for that problem. But right now my head space really isn’t focused on getting my degree, especially as I haven’t even registered for it … yet. Note to self.. register for your degree!!!!

Another note to self, deep tissue massages cause bruising, so if you don’t want to look like you have been in a fight or fallen over in a drunken stupor, don’t opt for deep tissue. My lower back whilst all bruised feels great.. shame about my neck.

Before I sign this off for the weekend and see if the October forecasts are up at, I thought I would put a comment here about relationships. They are hard…. difficult and at times frustrating.  Friendships are easier to maintain but when a relationship (from many moons ago) turns into a friendship, you can’t guarantee that their new partner will be accepting. My ex is coming for a wedding that we will be at, his wife and family come too, but after deleting him, I wonder how this event will go. Sigh… I think I might just go and have a quiet weekend on a beach somewhere and just not worry about anything except for me. Wandering up and down a beach leaving footprints sounds like a better way to spend my time than worrying about husbands, ex boyfriends, family or life in general.

Celebration time….

Well firstly I must note that I have been a naughty blogger but now I am back again trying hard to make amends. Today was cause for celebration as it was the 12th anniversary of my 21st birthday party. Since I was 18 I attended a festival called the Big Day Out, the concert always falls around, and sometimes on my birthday, except when I was 21. There was a hiatus and thus my usual celebrating my birthday at the Big Day Out or BDO didn’t happen.

But on my 12th anniversary again I will be celebrating in style this weekend at the BDO. I have missed the last 3 BDO’s as I felt it wasn’t as fun anymore but this year.. watch out I am celebrating like I am 18 again … except this time I will be the responsible driver. But that’s ok, my hair is going to change to a purple colour, false eyelashes, fake skull nail, and my trusty Doc Marten boots. They have seen quite a few BDO’s, they didn’t make the first one I attended, but since then they have been my faithful boots at this event.

Trying to work out exactly how many years I have been to the BDO is getting tricky, I haven’t missed many since 1996 so at best guess 2011 will be my 11th BDO, but to be honest there are a few years when I think… did I see that band. There are too many favourites to list but a few highlights were Rage against the Machine (the fence went down between licenced and non-licenced), Hole, Porno for Pyros, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and for completely unrelated reasons Kamahl.

Anyways enough about my “party” today… there was some beaching involved due to a shorter day at work. Then there was also a shopping trip with a surrogate niece for her first BDO outfit. But to prove I was at the beach… here it is..

Time for bed, I am going to be sooo exhausted at work tomorrow, and I have a big weekend ahead, with Friday night dinners (just like the Gilmore Girls) but these are much more enjoyable 🙂 Then catching up with a friend, BDO outfit / styling adjustments, and then the BDO, before work on Monday. ARrrrrrggghhh.

We have been reunited.

Well my belongings … well the main stuff … and I have been reunited in our beach house, which I will be now calling home for the next 12 months. My home will always be the farm because that is where my husband is and is the only stable residence I have known for about 4 years? But for me on my 2011 journey the beach house will be home.

My husband brought down my belongings and the most important thing … a bed! After 5 nights attempted sleep on an air mattress I will have my bed again. It isn’t the bed ever bed slept in but it certainly delivers a good night sleep. Moving is such a stressful thing, especially when you are moving away from your partner.. he has been so good and helpful, not only moving me but helping out with my flat mate.

Another reunited that has happened today is with my friends cat. I have lived with his cat over the years and she has even lived with me when he was unable to have her where he had moved to. She is now 17 and is one of the reasons that I also own a Russian Blue. The cat I am coexisting with me is called Belief. I am sure that she has a “full name” but can’t tell you what it is 😦

My essay … because it is due in only a few days is sitting at a few hundred words. Tomorrow there is a brunch for my grandmother, so it is going to be one of those last minute essays. In my defense, in planning there was plenty of time.. in reality … it didn’t exist. Along with the essay being completed there hasn’t been a trip to the beach. It is only 1km away and since moving in, even if it was yesterday after work, still haven’t gone to dip a toe in.

Returning to the workforce

Well today I ventured back into a real office, and an open plan one no doubt. I forgot what working in a “temp” role was like. Arrrghhh first day jitters, fumbling my way around learning new systems and adapting to the corporate way.

This is the first time that I have had a car and a drivers licence, not working in the CBD and what is the problem you wonder, parking!!! Whilst the parking is free and it takes 1/3rd of the time to get there if you can find a park! Right now the last thing I wanted to face was public transport. The friend that I was staying with wasn’t home when I got up, so it was a nice quiet start to my first day, and I must admit driving was one way to enjoy every last minute I had left.

Of course the benefit to a car is the ability to wash away the feeling of working by jumping into the ocean. As per typical lines.. I stupidly start a casual conversation with someone to find an attack of “6 degrees of separation”. Must learn to stop taking to random strangers it just leads to another oh do you know… “blah blah blah” with the reply always being, “yes”.

Just in case you were wondering… (not that many of you would be)… my essay is up the proverbial creek without a paddle. It isn’t happening… moving is looming closer … I am working and what isn’t done.. that blasted essay. Internet and TV, something that would normally interest me but alas I am just blah about the whole thing.

And finally before I go to try that essay … I want to be in my new house!!! ARRRRGGHHHHH

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