Season Greetings

That should cover everyone. Don’t mind if you do or don’t celebrate, I’m a little of both whilst comprehending the religious concept, and that other religious have different viewpoints or don’t follow it, have something different, or abstain, enjoy the summer season.

Really not a good person around the holidays, trying to not celebrate but ensuring everyone has somewhere to be. We came back from the city to ensure everyone had somewhere to share a meal for Christmas. It was nice only the three of us, but right now I am in no shape to entertain, left it up to my long suffering husband. Wasn’t feeling too bad until I saw my foot. Really should learn to stumble better, and I wasn’t even drunk.¬†

Finally I properly cleaned out my wound (2 days later), recovered and will leave for two days. The karma I get back for helping out a friend with his wound and back, lets see if mine heals as nicely.

2013 is about to draw to a close, my job is to relax and walk the beach, trying to cut down on my smoking, relaxing reading books, drinking good coffee. Preparing myself for complete limitation in the coming weeks on caffeine, no cigarettes, hard exercise and seminars on being healthy with a good dose of tough love. Only 72 hours to go until my journey begins.


Exercising in a bathing suit

Well whilst in Australia we would just refer to a bathing suit as bathers it is still one of my favourite ways to exercise. Don’t tell me that getting all hot and sweaty running, with your feet jarring on the ground is a fun way to exercise. Splashing around in water now that is a more civilize and fun way to exercise, no sweat issue.

Of course being my first lesson I had to to go and front the teacher, and lets just say, it shows especially when standing there in a bathing suit that … I don’t exercise, this is my first class. It was refreshing to be asked if I can swim but then not sure how to take that I don’t need to wear a float belt like the rest of the people in the class, is it because they won’t fit me or is it because I come with my own bouyancy.

For the record I survived, and whilst we are going with for the records the enjoyment I had smoking a rolled cigarette (because I have given up smoking tailors or packet cigarettes) as I returned to my car. Back to the class … it was fine at least I didn’t get all hot and sweaty but my swimming skills paid off. The teacher did comment that it was apparent that I could swim based on the fact that every possible cheat to make an exercise easier I worked out ūüôā

There are three classes a week and it is the second cheapest one but the 3rd class is at 6am in the morning. Really you have to be hard core to get to that class, it is written in the pretty blue diary but there is no guarantee that I will actually make it in time considering the early hour.

Speaking of the hour the time for sleep has arrived … after all that jumping around in the pool I think I deserve it.

Farewell my dear friends..

After being reunited with my belongings I am now bidding farewell to two dear friends.. namely B&H Subtle and Coca-Cola. ¬†Now not one to promote smoking but … I really am going to miss you. For those that are wondering.. I also don’t drink and as we all know Coca-Cola really isn’t that great for you.

So I have done the final purchase and here it is…..

Farewell my dear friends....

So I have done the final purchase and here it is…..and as I type this there are 23 cigarettes to go.

Do I have a reason for taking away these two unhealthy things… yes…of course we should strive to be healthier but in all reality besides “better health” and “reduced risks” there has to be something in it for me. In the future I plan to commence IVF.. (stop don’t run away this is not an IVF blog … well not yet). After being married for nearly 7 years it is time to take the plunge.

To help with success, because it is really expensive, I am focusing on a loosing weight and getting healthier as every little bit helps. Ideally it will be no sugar, gluten free, caffeine free but that is unrealistic so I am going to strive for it but one thing that makes sense is no smoking, no excess sugar and no caffeine. It is quite unfair that in my current position they have the best coffee machine.. caffeine is going to be a tough one.

Guess we can add this to the new years resolution .. which I knew was coming so to announce a new years resolution 10 days in … I will have a healthier lifestyle. Simple to the point and doesn’t leave me room to get caught out not following through!

So wish me luck because next step in the journey is to find some form of exercise that I “enjoy”. My star signs told me to not start seriously until 17 January and I am making baby steps towards that direction .. and using this time to just savour those last few moments with my guilty pleasures.

PS: That essay … I got it finished, nothing spectacular but P’s mean degrees … it was submitted a good 9.5 hours early.

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