World Cup

Loving the fact that the Rugby World Cup is currently on. The games have been really great, but still my favourite was last weekend with Tonga claiming the scalp of France.

Today is the first of the quarter finals and tomorrow are the matches I really want to see I have agreed to catch up with friends. What was I thinking.. missing the two most important games of the quarters in my humble opinion.

Of course overscheduling is my biggest problem, and this time I have done it to my own detriments. ARRRRGGGHHHH. Today I am procrastinating about studying again watching more Rugby and those horrible Irish just scored a try. I am normally friendly to the Irish but after they beat the Wallabies I am no longer a fan.

On another note I am feeling a little rejected, tried to speak to my partner about making me feel more loved and cared for, but alas it lasted less than 24 hours and there has been silence.  Just feeling a tad unsupported right now and this is crossing into all aspects of my life. Not a good way to be ending the year.

My new job is really crap, maybe I will feel better with a desk and a computer, but I doubt it very much.  One of the bosses said that in Australia if you tell an employee they have to return they will…. um NOOOOO!

So I am just going to sit back, enjoy this game of rugby, back it up with another, and then watch trashy TV show until I snap out of it.. hope it happens soon as I am on the last series of my trashy DVD series.


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