Season Greetings

That should cover everyone. Don’t mind if you do or don’t celebrate, I’m a little of both whilst comprehending the religious concept, and that other religious have different viewpoints or don’t follow it, have something different, or abstain, enjoy the summer season.

Really not a good person around the holidays, trying to not celebrate but ensuring everyone has somewhere to be. We came back from the city to ensure everyone had somewhere to share a meal for Christmas. It was nice only the three of us, but right now I am in no shape to entertain, left it up to my long suffering husband. Wasn’t feeling too bad until I saw my foot. Really should learn to stumble better, and I wasn’t even drunk. 

Finally I properly cleaned out my wound (2 days later), recovered and will leave for two days. The karma I get back for helping out a friend with his wound and back, lets see if mine heals as nicely.

2013 is about to draw to a close, my job is to relax and walk the beach, trying to cut down on my smoking, relaxing reading books, drinking good coffee. Preparing myself for complete limitation in the coming weeks on caffeine, no cigarettes, hard exercise and seminars on being healthy with a good dose of tough love. Only 72 hours to go until my journey begins.


Into the ocean

This weekend I went and spent a night in a little place called Preston Beach and wished I never had to leave. I jumped in the freezing ocean but it was so refreshing. Saturday was the best day for the beach, but I forgot my camera DOH!. Its a shame it isn’t a good swimming beach for little ones but it is still a really nice place.

Anyone heading to WA and wanting some time out, I would recommend staying down at Preston Beach Footprints Resort.  Pool, tennis court, playgrounds, one at the beach about 5 mins away and one about 2 mins around the corner from the resort. Being between two national parks there are plenty of kanagroo’s about and you can get quite close because they are used to people being around.

We were lucky our bungalow, which are fully equipped with BBQ, dishwasher, fridge etc so you can just bring your food and cook in your unit, overlooked the road (very quiet) but some of the units, face each other sharing a common grassed area (would be great for kids). Didn’t try out the pool as it was the first day of school holidays, but the kids there were having a great time, with a shallow kids pool and a normal deeper one as well.

I spent my time at the beach, watching two great games of rugby world cup (and channel surfing to the AFL final), lazing on the lounge or the deck. Ate way too much, my friend is a better cook than I remembered and I didn’t even have to wash a dish :) Ahhh relaxation 101 … just wish I was there for at least 3 days, you can’t do anything but relax there.

Shame it is time to go back to reality because it was just 24 hours of bliss….

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