A day to remember

In Australia the 11/11 is Remembrance Day, where we pause at 11am to remember those who have fallen fighting for our country. I did appreciate that today that the commercial radio station I was listening to had 1 minute silence and then played the last post, it was moving and very symbolic of how important this day is in Australia.

Today whilst an important national day will also be remembered by me as the day that my husband allowed me to take a solo holiday.

As I type this post (badly because I have fake nails on for a friends wedding in a week), I am sitting at the airport waiting to take the first of 3 flights, which in approximately 15 hours will land me in Fiji.

I am off to relax, with a book, maybe a laptop and think and ponder and just unwind. It is the first time I have traveled solo in over a decade.

I better log off, boarding starts in 10 minutes and I like to be looking semi organised.


Hello 2011

Hello 2011, nice to meet you, I hope we get along well. As I mentioned yesterday no resolutions until after the 4th and after reading my Astrology Zone January 2011 forecast.  To be honest with you  when I would have time before the 4th, to carefully construct and plan these New Years Resolutions seems impossible.

What I can say is today was spent trying to enjoy some R&R and I succeeded by spending the afternoon curled up watching a couple of movies. I watched the extended version of Avatar and besides a bit at the beginning I couldn’t really account for the extra 16 minutes since I watched it in the movie theatre.

Otherwise I would have to say that 01.01.11 was no different to any other day, except I have to remember to write the date right.  Also it is 2 days until I move to the city and if you could keep the temperature to the low 30’s next week that would be great just whilst I readjust.

Ok time to continue with essay writing / packing and cleaning up.

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