The beginning of another weekend

It is weird but every weekend my body clock allows me less than an hour sleep in, whilst my flatmate can somehow get a three hour sleep in. That is what I find so unfair especially as the art of sleeping in used to be my forte. Since when did the universe decide that sleeping in was not going to be in my future.. bah! Of course when it is planned to be awake within a hour of normal waking up time (630am for those who are interested) I would never make it without an alarm.

This weekend due to exhaustion it was decided that the trek back to the farm wouldn’t happen. Based on my husbands post on my Facebook page it seems he wasn’t overly happy with this decision. It is difficult living such a distance away from each other, but right now my sanity is most important along with staying rested, especially if sleep debt cannot be caught up on the weekend. Next week I will head back to the farm, it is easier when they give you “hump day” also known as Wednesday off for a public holiday. It will be bliss only 4 working days, but the bank balance won’t be too happy.

But really, when is the bank balance ever happy? The Suze Orman show is one of my favourites that I used to watch via Foxtel (but we have disconneted it due to high costs) but now I download her podcasts, which are full versions of her show, because it is effectively free!. She really hammers home that we should all have an 8 month emergency fund. This seems so unachievable to have enough money put aside so the bills can be paid for 8 months if there was a lack of income. It is a goal but not one that I can see happening in 2011 but I will be watching the pennies even more closely this year.

So enough about money, I have completed my morning ritual of waking up, reading the paper and having breakfast and now it is time to get motivated for the day. Really need to do some washing but the flat mates washing is still on the line and at 10am it doesn’t look like he is going to be rising anytime soon. Guess I will start cleaning up a bit around the house and getting the washing started, you never know he might just wake up when the vacuum cleaner gets started up.

PS:  Sunday is a 9am Aqua Balance class, and hopefully a trip to the beach! My husband really needs the beach it was 40 degrees Celsius at 6am this morning and only getting hotter, lets hope he stays cool in the pool and air conditioning watching movies it is too hot for anything else.

PPS: That essay that I wrote whilst relocating and moving scraped in at 57% which is fine, I am just glad to have passed.

PPPS: Yes I know I am not writing a letter 🙂




Its hot … it rains … my motivation …

The weather is just awful right now, I know that over the last few years with air-conditioning but really how do we survive when the humidity gets above 90%? Today it has rained during the day and it felt worse… interesting it is raining now and without the sun it does feel a bit cooler, but still feel like my world resembles a sauna.

It was impossible to even put makeup on this morning which meant I drove to the car park.. got the car freezing cold and then applied makeup. By the time I got to work half of it had fallen off my face … and of course that look of makeup “shine”.

Don’t know why this bothers me as normally turning up to work without makeup on isn’t a problem but one must consider that at this stage in my city employment, one must keep up appearances. So makeup is here to stay, but in this weather I refuse to wear stockings.. corporate or no corporate that is pushing the friendship too far.

On a plus side for work.. I parked in the car park close to work rather than half a mile away. On the downside my shoes aren’t ready for at least another 2 weeks and today’s attempt at shoes just gave me a blister. My treat for all this working is one decent pair of work shoes. For anyone in WA I highly recommend Benelli Shoes.  In only a few short weeks my feet will have shoes custom made for my tootsies.

Well yet again it is late at night and I have achieved nothing study wise … looks like a weekend surrounded by boxes and a laptop are in order… shame really but right now with this heat and living on an air mattress (not recommended) I can’t be bothered.

Hello 2011

Hello 2011, nice to meet you, I hope we get along well. As I mentioned yesterday no resolutions until after the 4th and after reading my Astrology Zone January 2011 forecast.  To be honest with you  when I would have time before the 4th, to carefully construct and plan these New Years Resolutions seems impossible.

What I can say is today was spent trying to enjoy some R&R and I succeeded by spending the afternoon curled up watching a couple of movies. I watched the extended version of Avatar and besides a bit at the beginning I couldn’t really account for the extra 16 minutes since I watched it in the movie theatre.

Otherwise I would have to say that 01.01.11 was no different to any other day, except I have to remember to write the date right.  Also it is 2 days until I move to the city and if you could keep the temperature to the low 30’s next week that would be great just whilst I readjust.

Ok time to continue with essay writing / packing and cleaning up.

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