Life isn’t slowing down

It seems like all good intentions such as blogging get procrastinated about when life refuses to slow down. Officially the 2011 university year for me has started when I am still recovering from the 2010 uni year that only finished last Friday. On the plus side I did submit my assignments, on the bad side .. I don’t think they will make the grade.

Still temping in a really nice job where there is little stress and it is in many ways “back to basics”. It is nice to be in a role that makes life easy, but secretly I am still looking for a position with challenge, that I can really get my teeth stuck into. Of course that focus should be heading towards finishing my degree but right now it seems to be on everything but finishing my degree.

Many fellow online students are starting to finish, it is like the end of an era .. of course I was lucky and only needed to complete 16 rather than 24 units due to my TAFE qualifications. Which in the real world (in case you were wondering) mean diddly squat! So many jobs that I applied for and my years of experience coupled with those pieces of paper haven’t made job hunting any easier. It is more than likely due to my transient work history where I move from one thing to another.

In 2010 it was what I termed “house swapping” where at least once a week I would “swap” houses, 4 nights at one house alone, 3 nights on the farm with my husband. Now this swapping game is being played with my husband coming to stay nights with me in the city, and I go out to the farm when I can. But now I am adding another dimension this weekend, and I am leaving my city house to stay at my parents city house with them.

It is all because our dog is coming for the weekend and my current flatmate is completely paranoid about his cat. She is very old and understandably he is protective, but every solution and precaution we discussed wasn’t good enough. He even came down to saying that even the scent of a dog would cause issues. A cat who has previously lived with dogs and his only concern (initially) was that she would be chased. So I will give up the house that I pay an insane amount of money to live in, to go and spend my long weekend, in my parents house.

Maybe in 2012 I can find one house to live in, that my husband is in with our cat and dog and not have to worry about sharing or accommodating others.. we can only dream.


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