Drowning in Digital Photo’s

The collection of photographs is starting to get a bit out of hand. There are just so many of them, damn being an early adopter of technology and having a digital camera since early 2000. I always joke, when I was young and making mistakes there was never that much evidence, as you had to get the pictures printed at a photo lab… someone was going to see them!

Well going through photographs it appears some of those real ones have been digitized. One I came across is so beautiful, and one that I want to display but I can’t. Its taken at my wedding, I’m kissing my ex. We have been friends for longer than we were together, we are still friends. 

This photo is nearly a decade old, but it still tugged at my heartstrings. So damn you getting organised and trying to tame the mass of photo’s that we have electronically. Exactly what am I going to do with that photo? What album could I publish it in? It couldn’t be part of my wall montage, how can I explain it.

Next time I try to get organised I will start from the newest back, safety in actually remembering what pictures were taken if it has happened more recently than a decade ago!


Clutter Free – Becoming a reality.

Its true, throughout my life I have been surrounded by clutter and I hoard. Not insane, get in the health department but still no where near acceptable. There is photographic evidence of how the ‘dumping zone’ was from various different times over the last 5 or so years.

This time my mindset towards the clutter (I’m being nice to myself) has changed. I no longer want to hoard it. I want it stored, but easily accessible. Its time to embrace the 21st century technology but also retain the old, which has started with me connecting a dialup internet account again in 2013!!!

‘The Workshop” has been reclaimed by 1/4 or 25%. There are now two functional workspaces, some wall decoration being the photographs that never see the light of day. The big achievement is ‘The Library” which currently is a drawer in a horrible grey filing cabinet, but in my head, it is this beautiful matching bookcases, colour co-ordinated magazine holders, with a old fashioned card system as well as electronic searching database. Oh yes it is a grand “Library”.

“The Electronic” is now stopping paper, particularly in finance not being handled twice. The mail becomes a PDF file and the original marked and filed immediately.

Finally my ruthlessness, sees “The Green Barrel” go off for its second turn to visit the incinerator. Cleansing to just rid yourself of everything allows a weight to be lifted off your shoulders. It really does help that after spending 2010 to 2012  co-ordinating 10 change of address cards, across two states, the paperwork does tend to get behind and build up.

It’s onwards and upwards… to conquer the mountain of paperwork, with alcoholic beverage in hand to make the world a better place.


Fantasy land still crumbling

Well I have been a responsible adult and thus I feel I am loosing any chance I thought I had of retreating to fantasy land. Yesterday I was enjoying day-dreaming about my fantasy land, then last night I was brought crashing back to reality.

When you feel unwell, as I currently do now (thanks to putting myself on a high does antibiotic and back on the pill), sympathy, love, attention, caring from your significant other is what one craves. Alas I received the “there there you’ll be alright”, tap tap on the shoulder. No real concern, or can I get you anything, is there anything I can do?

Can someone please explain to me why men (in particular) don’t seem to understand the importance of being proactive when they have a sick partner? Is it that they are wired differently or do I just pick the ones that don’t have a clue? After all these years, and it has been a significant number, he hasn’t changed. I know you can’t make a leopard change it’s spots but I thought that eventually I would be able to get him to see logic. Partner sick – take up the slack!

Now I am not sick, take me to hospital or doctor sick, I am “sick” due to the high doses of medication I am subjecting myself to. I am “sick” because I haven’t had more than 1 week to myself to do nothing for the last 5 years. I am “sick” because working full time, studying 52 weeks a year and running at least one, sometimes 2 businesses is exhausting. For 3 years I haven’t had a break from study / work / business and I have had enough. I am “sick” because all I wanted was for you to find that fluid stuff you put in cars for the steering and you told me to go to a shop.

So I have a friend who I am waiting to respond to my SMS, but because of aforementioned medication, female problems are now plaguing me, and I am not great company. I was looking forward to an evening of mentally stimulating conversation, laughs and fun. Guess that ain’t going to happen either…. farewell to fantasy land, hello reality, time to be an adult a bit longer and get on with the daily druge of life.

Another weekend gone… nothing has changed

Well I have farewelled another weekend and instead of staying in bed with my trusty DVD I accepted an offer of dinner from a couple of friends. This was actually good for me except I partook in a few alcoholic beverages, and then had to excuse myself for a phone call that was really important to me.  Unfortunately since that phone call on Saturday night there has been silence, and I yearn for a friendly supportive voice on the end of my phone. Guess my poetic side has been showing from either a) too much Ally McBeal or b) too much self pity.

Uni is back behind and I discovered a “you have not completed your task” email from the current leader of our group. This week isn’t good for me but I must commit to catching up tonight, otherwise they might start calling me names. Right now I am emotionally vunerable so I must make sure I don’t put myself in a situation where I end up in tears, over my final uni subject.

This weekend I have also nearly completed a sewing project for a friend, that must be delivered next Friday. Plus she just added to the project arrrgghhh Pressure!!!!! But of course I thrive on pressure right? We all thrive on pressure, right?

Right now I want to be held and made to feel safe and placed on a pedastall, without a care in the world. Unfortunately that is not my reality, and I suspect not anyone I know or anyone reading. But we can only dream.

Oh and reality has just come crashing down, urgent things piling up on my desk, guess I have to return to my current reality. Shame really I was just starting to drift into my fantasy world, where I want to make my fantasy’s turn into reality… oh that’s right, that’s only in fairy tales. And to date I haven’t had a fairy tale come true…. yet.

Who invented Mondays?

I am over Monday’s, it really didn’t help when I didn’t come to work on Friday. To be honest it makes it hard every day to come to work, when I really dislike what I am doing. Note to self… accounts are not my friend, just because I can do them doesn’t mean I should.

My excuse on Friday was justified, at 7am I was at the front door of my chiropractor, I have pinched a nerve in my neck. Now firstly this would be my fault for not attending the chiropractor regularly, and secondly because I spend too many days hunched over at a computer. During the last week I would estimate, including work I spent in excess of 70 hours at a computer… too many hours and now I am paying the price.

My weekend was spent also hunched over at the computer trying to bash out an assignment that was on it’s second extension. Finally this morning I sent it off, of course I have another paper to be submitted before I play catchup to get on track with my final subject. That reminds me, someone please make sure I get certified copies of my qualifications, otherwise I can’t register for my degree and time is running out.

I need to find some fun and joy in my life right now, I keep saying it but still it hasn’t happened. Right now I want someone else to be the responsible adult and for me to be well not so responsible. Saying that I have been very irresponsible recently, I know what it is… rebellion. Not an attractive thing at my age, but I am acting like a naughty 18 year old again, actually strike that naughty 16 year old again.

Well back to the grind I go, with a fun evening of typing yet more rubbish for uni, and take-out for dinner, that is if I survive the rest of my day at work…. it is going to be a loooooooooooong day.

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